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Wiper solutions for every application

We will pickup wherever you are in a wiper project.

Whether you're working on a windshield geometry, or simply looking for a new drop in replacement supplier, we're the company you're looking for. 

Not sure where to start? Contact us and we'll guide you through buying a wiper system from start to finish. 

We're the specialists

Our engineers have extensive experience with wiper systems, use contemporary APQP methodologies and follow federal guidelines. Whether it is a large scale commercial run, or a small specialty project. If you have a surface, we can wipe it!

Industry leader in value

Our facility generates any wiper system you can imagine. We purchase our components at a large scale and take pride in our highly experienced employees. We have the capacity for every project size. 

This all translates into value that we pass on to our customers.

Quality Compliance

We pride ourselves on the quality products that we produce. We design to APQP guidelines to ensure that each and every shipment arrives on time and at top notch quality. 

Simplify your supply chain

We carry a variety of stock on all the components that you will need in a wiper system, which means short lead times, more value for your money, and a reliable supply chain partner.  

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