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Get to Know Our Products

From motors to wiper blades we offer a full suite of products

We have a full catalog available for more in depth product requests. 

Product drawings and image can be found by clicking any of the products listed below.

Not sure where to start? Contact us and we'll guide you through buying a wiper system from start to finish. 

Ready to Mount Wiper Assemblies

We produce custom and standardized wiper assemblies that can be attached onto any application. We'll engineer an assembly to meet your needs, test it thoroughly, and we'll come out to your factories to train operators on how to install them. 


There is such a large variety that we can't fit them here on this page! If you need it, we can supply it. Contact us to get started and we'll make sure you get exactly what you need. 

Wet Kits, Reservoirs, and Pumps

We sell all the accessories for dispensing washing fluid that seemlessly match up to your wiper system , so your customers will have a safe and clear view in any condition. 


12-24 Volt

1-5" Shaft length in DIN or ISO

7-70 Nm 

Single Speed, Variable Speed and Bi Directional

Any connector type

CE Certified

We stock conventional, beam, and heavy duty blades from 9" to 40"+

We can also create a private label product line for your business, to give your brand an extra edge in the market. 

Wiper Blades
Pivots, Linkages, and Hardware

We stock all the parts you need to complete a system, including all the small details. Our parts always meet industry standards and specifications, so you can save engineering time. 

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