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Learn About All Our Experience

We have extensive knowledge in a wide range of industries. 

We pride ourselves on quickly solving any wiper project in any industry. Our sales team can coach newer buyers through their first wiper project or efficiently check every box on an experienced buyer's check list.  

Not sure where to start? Contact us and we'll guide you through buying a wiper system from start to finish. 


As manufacturers work to increase machinery utilization and operator efficiency, the inclusion of wiper systems on agricultural equipment has dramatically increased, from small tractors all the way up to large combines.  Increasing visibility is always the general goal, but WEXCO can help with the details of achieving excellent wipe quality on new highly curved glass, in the face of chaff from a harvesting operation, mist from a sprayer, or while synchronizing multiple wipers. 


From skid steers that may only have one small wiper, up to road graders that have as many as seven wipers per machine, WEXCO can design a wiping solution that meets your cost targets and achieves your operational requirements.  Whether your specifications include extra heavy duty components for mining or forestry applications, CE certification, or wipers that need to operate on a removable piece of glass, WEXCO has the expertise to clear your windows, and help your customers maximize their productivity.


With school buses carrying, perhaps, the most precious cargo of all, it is critical that a safety feature like the windshield wiper system is reliable, robust, and effective.  WEXCO has a long history of working with single-motor, dual motor, top-mounted, bottom-mounted, dual radial, dual pantograph, and butterfly wiper systems, both on conventional and flat-nosed buses.  Share your 3D models with our design team, and let them design a cost-effective wiper system that meets FMVSS and/or CMVSS safety standards, and provides years of trouble free operation. 


RV windshields are one of the most challenging windshield wiper applications because of the typical sizes of the glass, the aerodynamics involved, and the on-road safety guidelines that apply to systems of this nature.  WEXCO works with every major RV manufacturer, and understands these critical aspects.  With a new, lightweight, easy-to-install module, WEXCO is reliably clearing more glass than ever before, and is constantly looking to increase the swept area with our technological advances.

Box Truck and Semi

Box trucks, step vans, and semi’s see more operating hours than almost any other type of vehicle, so robustness and durability are high on the list of design characteristics.  While SAE specification J198C governs most standard durability requirements, let our design team show your engineers how we can build years of reliable service into a customized wiper system that will still fit into your budgetary guidelines.  With an in-factory wet room always running multiple durability tests at once, WEXCO is continually pushing the limits.

Fire and Rescue

Moreso on this vehicle than any other, radiators are of paramount importance because of the tremendous amount of heat they have to dissipate.  But this poses a challenge to wiper systems which operate in the same real estate as large radiators on most fire & rescue vehicles.  Whether your specifications called for an opposed system, dual pantograph, dual radial, or even tri-radial, WEXCO engineers are well versed in these space restrictions, and have several design options at their disposal to work in and around space constraints, while still delivering a system that clears the most possible glass.    


Whether you are building commercial vessels or pleasure crafts, clear vision is imperative to your design, so let WEXCO provide the right equipment for your boat, and keep your customers safe on the water.  From a single wiper on a  small center consoles, up to synchronized wiper systems operating on multiple windows on the bridge of a ferry, WEXCO has a wide assortment of stainless steel components that can be custom-engineered to meet your most stringent needs.

Side by Side

For years, outdoors enthusiasts have know how a reliable all-terrain vehicle can take them to far-flung locations where they can enjoy their hobbies.  But now, side-by-side manufacturers are building a wide range of vehicles that make the beaches, the mountains, the deserts, the forests, and even the job sites more accessible than ever before.  It’s an application where function, amperage & voltage management, cost control, and design aesthetics all converge, and it’d one where WEXCO has demonstrated functionality and creativity for a long list of customers.


With the rise in popularity of electric cars and trucks, WEXCO has been providing wiper systems that not only meet federal over-the-road safety standards, but also fit within physical space restrictions, and work within the complex electric systems on these cutting-edge vehicles.  Speed differential, stall current, over-travel, and wipe quality on highly curved windshields are among the many factors that WEXCO will take into consideration when designing the right system for your application.


Whatever your application, if there’s a window that needs wiping, our Engineering team can provide a solution.  We’ve provided solutions for street sweepers, military vehicles, refuse trucks, lawn and garden equipment, even oil derricks.  We will use the same APQP design approach on each platform, so that no matter what your end-use is, you’ll be able to deploy a cost-effective wiper system that meets whatever requirements you may have.

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